Welcome to Chez Pierre Cabaret


Downtown Edmonton’s only gentleman’s club!

Chez Pierre Cabaret is Edmonton’s longest operating strip club with over 40 years of colorful history.  Situated in the heart of downtown Edmonton and surrounded by some of Edmonton’s top hotels, Chez Pierre Cabaret provides a unique exotic entertainment experience.

Located right off  Jasper ave on 105 st, Chez Pierre Cabaret caters to all clients whether its out of town business professionals, stag party groups, a girls night out or anyone else looking to check out something unique.  We offer a relaxing environment for our clientele to sit and chat with our beautiful girls, watch a show or enjoy a private dance.

Chez Pierre Cabaret provides customers old and new a hassle free environment that breaks the mold compared to other main-stream gentleman’s clubs.

If you’re a long time regular or a first time visitor, feel free to come down and visit Chez Pierre Cabaret!

Chez Pierre’s Cabaret door fee is $10.00 for men, $5.00 for women and we provide a 30% entry discount to all members of our armed forces.

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